A Game that claims to be harder than flappy birds..

Let’s be straight about games. We either love them, or we don’t play them. On occasions, we like to try some new stuff, but most of it is just rubbish and unplayable. Considering that my iphone is almost always screaming for space, I tend to be more careful when installing new stuff. I avoid fat games with hundreds of Megabytes installs. I just can’t afford to install them. Even if they were free. Most of the developers just don’t get this, but I would only install a game that big if I bought it. And to buy it, I have to really really  like it. More than just, it’s cool game, looks different. It has to be playable. I was sent a link to check this new game, called Colorence, and although I do know the developer personally, he is not aware of this blog, which gives me some leeway to be more sincere :). Woowave claims that Colorence is able to train your brain. That claim may be or not true, but the claim that it is harder than Flappy Birds? that’s really fantastic claim, and I am going to give my verdict at the end of this page. Let’s start with basics.. It’s only 7.5 Megs, which took 3 seconds to download on my wifi. I would guess that installed size is a bit more, but it does fall into small games cat.Which means, no fancy images preloaded.. so I thought, it must be using the data heavily to download all the fancy stuff.. I was wrong as it claims it doesn’t use the data connection at all(apart from banners ads I ‘d guess). So then I thought.. it must be one of those crappy games with squares and shapes. And It is. It’s just not crappy as I expected though :)

There is no clear tutorial, so I was trying to figure out how to play it at first. Later, I found out that the first annoying popup IS the tutorial. A bit strange for a game to make the process of learning how to play hard before even starting the game. Anyway, I got the idea.. The way it’s played is very simple and the developer should’ve put some clear tutorial for those lazy types to figure it out themselves. On the other hand, considering the types of people that do play these games, they would probably like this as an extra effort, puzzle, whatever.. :)

Let’s cut to the chase and see what’s the big deal and how will it make me cleverer(which i probably need, who knows , maybe the paid version will get approved  as a vaccine against Alzheimers , just kidding..) 

But even those fantastic claims don’t come close to the claim that it is harder than flappy birds.

It starts with some color squares( which for some funny reason developer calls them Color blocks) .

On the bottom of the screen, just abve the banner, there is a color bar, which changes color after every passed level. So, the idea is.. you drag the squares close to the bar and the moment you arrange them in way that they match the color with the bar, the level is finished. In my experience, sometimes, it happens too quick, I couldn’t even check if I got the right color, and where the fxxx I got it right. But as long as I passed the level, it’s fine :).

The first few levels, you can only drag the squares, which makes it kind of easy to finish the levels, but once you get to 1000 points, you got this popup telling that 

"You have unlocked the panties of the Kazakstani princess".. :)

well, no actually,  it would be nice to do it with an app,

this enables you to tap the squares and you can arrange them in space, like send to back commands in Adobe for example.

And it starts to get really really hard. The problem is , you don;t get that good with it as it gets harder, so there’s this lag of performance and delayed frustration. So up until the level 5 you’re on the roll, and then all of a sudden, the game is harder ..it’s hard to say it , but I will, harder than Flappy Birds.

It is the same price as Flappy Birds, free,doesn’t eat your data, and it’s really small install. 

I would use it while on the bus, metro or at the beach when there’s nothing sexy  to look around. 

Download it, try it.. and if you manage to get past 10 level, call me :)

here’s the link: